Raising & Development

De Lindehoeve

At De Lindehoeve quality is paramount, we let that be reflected in our horse breeding. Care, nutrition, exercise and the environment take a part in this quality. At De Lindehoeve there is a lot of attention for medical care.

We also ensure that your horse maintains optimum health by trimming and deworming your horse four times a year. The year is divided into a summer and winter period. Below you can read how we shape these periods.

Summer season

The summer season at De Lindehoeve runs from 1 May to 1 November for the horses. However, this depends on the weather. If it is wet in October, we will pick up the horses earlier. For the foals, this applies to a summer season between 1 May and 1 October. The horses run in groups in the meadow during this season. These groups are compiled on base of age, gender, dominance and then they are grouped into equal couples

We regularly feed the horses to other plots. In this way we prevent worm contamination. This also gives us the opportunity to mow, fertilize and tow the plots. In this way we give the grass optimum opportunities again, which gives your horse the best nutrition. We also carefully drain the area. In this way an optimum water level is created, so irrigation is not necessary.

Our plots are within a radius of 3 kilometers around our company. This way we can keep a close eye on the horses. The plots are fenced with an electric fence and a white ribbon or cord. This ensures that your horse does not injure itself.

Winter season

The winter season runs from November to May for the horses and from October to May for the foals. During the winter period the horses stay in spacious stables, where the horses have the opportunity to walk in groups. In our accommodation the horses run in groups of 3 to 20 horses.

The fresh stable climate and the contact with their own species gives your horse a pleasant environment. Enough exercise is also important for your horse in winter. The Lindehoeve has spacious paddocks, so that your horse also maintains a good condition in the winter.
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