De Lindehoeve

On this page you will find the prices of De Lindehoeve. These Prices include VAT and apply for 2022. The summer stabling runs from 1 May to 15 October and the winter stabling from 15 October to 1 May, this is weather dependent.

Nursing home Prices

Service Prices from 1-5-2022
Older horse, stabling and grazing (all year round) €220,- each month
Injured horse, stabling and grazing (all year round) €220,- each month
walk-out stable for shetland pony's (all year round) €125,- each month
Single stable with paddock time. (We put them in and out for you) €300,- each month

Raising & breeding prices

Service Prices from 1-5-2022
Grazing foal and yearling €135,- each month
Grazing 2 years old €140,- each month
Grazing 3 years old €145,- each month
Grazing pregnant mare €155,- each month
Grazing mare and foal €215,- each month
Stabling foal + yearling €220,- each month
Stabling 2 years old €227,50 each month
Stabling 3 years old €235,- each month
Stabling pregnant mare of mare for next €265,- each month
Stabling mare with foal €320,- each month
Stabling surrogate mare (for embryo transfer) from start mare guidance €10,- each day
Only grazing yearling, 2 years old, 3 years old (without subsequent winter stabling) €165,- each month
only grazing mare with foal(without subsequent winter stabling) €235,- each month
Only grazing 4 years old or older €215,- each month

Care and medical prices

Service Prices from 1-1-2022
Hoof care / cutting €35,- each time*
Manure testing and deworming €26,- each time*
Influenza-/tetanus vaccination €22,- each time*
Rhino vaccination €36,- each time
Strangles vaccination (Streptococcus equi) €36,- each time*
Veterinary costs mare guidance €22 each scan
Mare guidance (insemination and unlimited help) €242
give birth guidance €305
Standing castration €195,-
Horizontal castration €240,-
Transport with a two-horse trailer on request
Dental care €105,-
Dental care mechanic incl tranqilizer €145,-
Extra food €1,- kilo chunk
Veterinary costs Own expence
*Hoof care is normally done 3 times a year. Manure testing and deworming is 4 times a year. The influenza / tetanus vaccination normally takes place twice a year and the rhino vaccination three times a year for pregnant mares and two times for other horses. Vaccination against strangles is optional for foals.

*Give birth with guidance contains: an extra large box, extra supervision and use of the birth alarm.