Care & Nursing home

Old horses

At De Lindehoeve we think it is important that horses can enjoy their retirement in a healthy way.

The stables are spacious and have a fresh stable climate. These stables are new, so we are currently working on the cameras in the stables. Once these have been placed, you can follow your horse through the webcams.

Injured horses

Resting and repairing your injured horse is also possible at De Lindehoeve. Your horse shall be placed in a group. However, the condition applies that your horse is not too sick or injured for joining a group. We also have separate boxes where the horses can recuperate, and they get enough exercise in the paddock.


The horses in the resting home have a free entrance and exit from the stable. In winter months (October to May) the horses have a run from the stable to the paddock. In summer months (May to October) there is the extension to the meadows. As a result, the horses stay fit, which means stable faults are less likely to occur.

Complete grazing is also an option in our resting home. We have a group of horses that is grazing day and night. When your horse is healthy and can handle unlimited grass, your horse can be added to this group. If your horse does not function in the group, it can also be set completely apart. All decisions will be only made in consultation with you, of course.
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Daily care and medication

The horses have unlimited access to silage. This silage comes from our own soil, so that we can guarantee the quality. We also pay a lot of attention to the medical care of your horse. We have the horses trimmed four times a year. We also do manure research and appropriate deworming four times a year. We also take care of the annual influenza vaccination.

If your horse is injured and needs extra treatment or needs to be connected, we can arrange this of course.

Extra food

In general the horses have sufficient silage, but if required we can add extra lump. However, this means that your horse will enter a smaller group faster. We do this to prevent feed envy and to be able to keep a close eye on the intake of the feed.
For more information about our resting home you can contact Jackob Keizer, manager of the nursing home.
T. 06 209 573 63